Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Rumor: Michael Keaton’s Batsuit in ‘The Flash’ Will Be Inspired by ‘Kingdom Come’

Last week we found out that when Michael Keaton shows up as Bruce Wayne in The Flash, he’ll also be donning the Batsuit once again. While a lot of people assumed this meant that we’d be seeing the classic black rubber suit from Batman and Batman Returns, it sounds like he’ll be wearing a different Batsuit; as obviously it’s thirty-years later.

According to a reliable source, Keaton’s Batsuit in The Flash will be heavily inspired by Batman’s look in the seminal Kingdom Come mini-series. I don’t know if we’ll also see Bruce Wayne’s exoskeleton like we did when Kevon Conroy appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but when we see him suited up as Batman the suit will be similar to the armored one we saw in Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come art..

Drawing inspiration from Kingdom Come for his suit could also give us a clue of what the DCEU could look like following the soft-reboot in The Flash that brings the Burtonverse Batman into the same universe as the other heroes. In Kingdom Come, an aging Batman forms and leads a team of younger heroes to protect the world. Reports have been that Keaton would play a mentor role in multiple DC films similar to Nick Fury in the MCU, so the Kingdom Come inspiration does fit those reports.