Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Michael Keaton Will Appear in the Batman Costume in ‘The Flash’

Last week the news hit that Michael Keaton was in early talks to return as Bruce Wayne in the 2022 Flash movie. The word is that after the Flashpoint-based movie “soft reboots” the timeline, he’ll take the place of Affleck as the aging Batman mentor in the DCEU.

Now there’s new information about the deal from The Hollywood Reporter who in this week’s Heat Vision newsletter reports that yes, Keaton will appear in costume in the movie. There has been some speculation that he’ll only be Bruce Wayne, but this shows that he will be playing Batman in a movie once again.

THR also confirms once again that he’s playing the Bruce Wayne version and not the Thomas Wayne version. While Thomas Wayne appeared in one version of The Flash script, he’s not in this script that they’re making for 2022.