HBO is Making ‘Watchmen’ Available for Free this Weekend

HBO is making the recent, and amazing, Watchmen mini-series for free this weekend in observance of Juneteenth.

You can view the entire series for free on and Free On Demand on your cable system beginning tomorrow June 19 and running through Sunday, June 21. HBO will also marathon the entire series on HBO and HBO Latino beginning Friday, June 19 at 1:00pm ET/PT.

If you haven’t seen Watchmen, take this opportunity. The series is a sequel to the comic (not the movie) set in the present day, and a couple of the characters from the comic show up in the series and the events of that definitely play a big part in it. We actually get to see the giant squid attack, which the movie obviously changed.

It’s also a series that’s good to binge, especially if you’re familiar with the original graphic novel. The first couple episodes might not seem too much like Watchmen at first, but when the series hits its stride it’s a perfect sequel to the original. If you’ve never read the comic, but have seen Zack Snyder’s movie, you’ll want to read up on how the ending of the movie differs from the comic to understand where the series is coming from. Although even if you’re not familiar with Watchmen at all, the series does do a good job in filling in the key backstory bits.

So definitely take this opportunity to watch one of the best HBO mini-series in a long time, which just happens to be an excellent sequel to one of the greatest comics ever written.