David Ayer Clarifies the Confusion Over Dick Grayson’s Death in the DCEU

Earlier this week when Zack Snyder confirmed that the dead Robin in the DCEU was Dick Grayson and not Jason Todd, some people were confused because they believed that Suicide Squad director David Ayer specified that it was Jason Todd that died.

Ayer said today that it was Zack Snyder’s original intent to have the Joker kill Dick Grayson:

He went on say that Snyder had a master plan and people are reading way too much into the whole situation:

Zack’s “master plan” was Robin was to stay dead until they introduced Carrie Kelly:

It seems people are trying to hatch crazy conspiracy theories about the identity of Robin changing at some point. Hopefully these Tweets from Ayer will stop some of that.

The bigger controversy over confusion over the Robin identity is still the fact that Dick Grayson was the Robin killed and not Jason Todd. Meaning that without Grayson in the DCEU, Nightwing couldn’t happen. But with The Flash movie being based on Flashpoint; it’s always possible to retcon and change Grayon’s death in the future…