DC Movies Will Cycle On and Off HBO Max

DC fans who were unhappy with the news that most of their live-action DC films will be removed from the service next month might be happy to know that they’ll eventually return…although they’ll probably leave again.

A rep for HBO Max said last night that after these movies are removed, different ones will be added in July and then another selection added in August, and the ones removed will cycle back on at some point in the future:

It wouldn’t be surprising if the ones being added soon are the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, as the 90s Batman films are being removed on July 1st. But this news will probably give people pause about subscribing to HBO Max.

They’re obviously treating the service like HBO or Netflix, where movies cycle on and off every month. This is different than the “archival” model Disney+ uses where all of the Marvel MCU films are on the service and they don’t cycle off.