Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

HBO Max’s DC Content is Lacking and Disappointing

This morning WarnerMedia launched their long-awaited streaming service HBO Max, and DC fans wondering if they should sign up for a year subscription in anticipation of Zack Snyder’s Justice League might want to wait just a little while. The DC selection on the service is very lacking and if anything almost feels like a sampler of DC Universe intended to entice people to subscribe to a different service to get their DC fix.

Speaking of DC Universe, the only original series shared between the two services is Doom Patrol. If you want to see Titans or the other originals, you’ll still need to have a DC Universe subscription. But the movies are even more baffling.

Aside from just having a small sampling of the DC animated films, the live action selection is kind of random. You do have all of the DCEU movies, except for Man of Steel (because it’s still on Netflix) and of course Birds of Prey as it’s too new. And Joker is there. But the versions of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad are the inferior theatrical cuts and not the extended or ultimate versions.

But it gets even more bizarre. You have all four of the 90s Batman films, although Returns and Forever are scheduled to leave the service soon (along with Justice League), but there are none of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies except for the Supergirl spin-off. You also don’t have The Dark Knight Trilogy, because they’re on Netflix. Of course you can watch such “classics” as Steel, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, and Green Lantern.

Even the TV series side is virtually non-existent. You have Batwoman, but all of the other CW shows are tied up in a Netflix contract. You also don’t have shows like Batman the Animated Series or Batman Beyond. Again, you’ll need to subscribe to DC Universe for those.

Really, for $15 a month (and WITHOUT 4K HDR), HBO Max really should’ve tried to have parity with DC Universe, especially since it has a DC hub on the service. The problem is that hub is pretty worthless right now as you’d get a lot more DC-related content by binge-watching Big Bang Theory.