Zack Snyder’s Justice League Might Not Be as ‘Dark’ as Some Hope

Something people really don’t like about the theatrical release of Justice League, or “Josstice League” as they mock it as, is the amount of humor in the movie compared to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While it’s true some of that can be blamed on Whedon (like Flash laying on Diana), it appears some of the stuff people complain a lot about was there before Joss took over.

Back when Zack Snyder was still filming the movie Warner Brothers hosted media (the evil “bloggers” some people demonize on social media) on the set to actually hang out, watch scenes being filmed, and interview Zack about the movie. These interviews would normally be released right before the release, but due to the drama surrounding the production and what happened with Zack that didn’t happen. But the set visits still happened, and those people are now talking about what they saw there.

According to Eric Vespe, formerly of Ain’t It Cool News, a lot of the tone and humor people complain about is from Zack and not Joss:

So next year when the movie (or mini-series) streams on HBO Max and those light-hearted scenes remain, it’s not them using stuff that Whedon shot. That’s probably going to be a complaint and accusation when it happens, but according to the people who were on the set and watching those scenes being filmed; they were done intentionally by Snyder.