Warner Brothers is Rumored to Be Considering a JSA Movie

Next year’s Black Adam will feature the big-screen debut of the Justice Society of America, and we’ll see popular characters such as Dr. Fate on the big screen. Depending on how they’re received; they might receive their own movie sometime in the future. That’s what a new report from The Illuminerdi claims.

They say that the movie isn’t in development but is being considered as an option depending on the reception in next year’s Black Adam. The movie will feature Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, Cyclone, and Hawkman and apparently Hawkman will have scenes with Black Adam. This wouldn’t be the first time members of the JSA have been done in live-action. They’ve been featured in many of the DC television shows over the years, all the way back to Smallville to the recently launched Stargirl. Introducing them on the big screen would be quite the step for one of the oldest superhero teams in comic books.

A couple of years ago Hawkman was one of the characters DC was rumored to be interested in for a feature film, so introducing him in Black Adam prior to a JSA movie could also be a way to lead into a solo movie for the popular character. The Hawkman in Black Adam appears to be the Carter Hall version.

Still, this sounds like it could be quite a ways off from actually happening. Black Adam isn’t out until December 2021, which means it’ll be several years before we’d hear anything official about any sort of Justice Society of America movie. It’d also be a challenge in terms of marketing to differentiate it from Justice League for casual viewers who aren’t familiar with the long history of DC comics and the Golden Age team. But if it happens I’ll be there on day one.