Are We About to Get a Man of Steel 2 With Cavill?

They say where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Earlier in the week there was a lot of smoke about a Snyder Cut announcement, and then we got the real thing yesterday proving all of the gossip behind the scenes over the past few days was correct. Now the same thing is happening with Superman.

A couple of weeks ago Heroic Hollywood posted a YouTube video saying that development on the long-rumored Supergirl movie was stalled, likely because the focus was switching back to Superman. The whole purpose of that Supergirl movie was to replace Superman on the big screen due to the whole drama over Cavill and the role that was going on for quite a while.

Now a lot of the same people who were whispering behind the scenes about a pending Snyder Cut announcement earlier in the week are saying that something is going on with Cavill and Superman. He appeared on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel watch party, and said that he’d like to see a version of Justice League without the mustache. If that means they’ll have to film new scenes to fix that jaw from the original reshoots, then Cavill will be in the cape once again.

But when you take that and put it with the Heroic Hollywood report from the other week and Cavill’s manager slyly hinting at things on social media, it seems like there’s something much bigger than him just doing new filming for Justice League on the horizon.

For the first time in years we might actually be close to a real Man of Steel sequel with the perfect Superman in the role. Warner had him all along, they just had to smarten up and make the deal. It’s sounding like that might have happened.

Now, they just need to listen to Cavill on the creative side. The guy is very well read on Superman and if they let him have input we could have the best Superman movie ever on the way.