What Changed to Bring the Snyder Cut to HBO Max?

Yesterday, every blogger on the planet (including myself) had to eat crow and admit they were wrong, as signs are legitimately pointing to some version of the fabled Snyder Cut arriving on HBO Max in the future. But this wasn’t something that was in the works for a while for the streamer, in fact it sounds like it’s something that was just decided this week.

As mentioned yesterday, as recent as exactly one month ago reps from HBO Max/WB wouldn’t comment officially but when pressed they were telling members of the media, “on the background there’s no deal for the Snyder cut at HBO Max.” That’s one reason why you saw multiple sites reporting last month that it wouldn’t happen, because people at WB and HBO Max were telling them it wasn’t going to.

But obviously something changed this week, and while there’s no official word yet what it was, it might not have been AT&T as some conspiracy theories are already claiming. It’s popular online to blame someone when something doesn’t go the way fans want. Look at how many people wrongfully demonized Geoff Johns over Justice League. That guy loves DC more than anyone on this planet and he was harassed endlessly as a pariah and blamed for the version of the movie that was released.

Instead it’s very likely that the cause of this change in the Snyder Cut’s status at HBO Max is the Coronavirus Pandemic. While the pandemic has been causing a lot of delays for movies, such as pushing Wonder Woman 1984 to August and shuffling the entire DC slate, in this case it’ll give people something they’ve been demanding for years.

Film and TV production is shut down in Hollywood, and big hitters for HBO Max like the Friends Reunion have been delayed as a result. For a new streaming service like HBO Max, content is the most important thing they could have, and with production shut down and slow to restart; they want to find anything they can throw up on the service while they’re waiting for things to ramp up again.

Zack Snyder had an assembly cut of Justice League collecting dust, fans have been screaming to see it, and it wouldn’t take much to make that something for the streaming service. Other studios are doing similar things, such as how Disney is putting Hamilton on Disney+ as they had it finished and just waiting for a theatrical release next year.

So instead of trying to blame some faceless boogyman at AT&T for this, people might want to be looking at the virus that’s turned Hollywood upside down when figuring out what changed to bring the Snyder Cut to HBO Max.