Wonder Woman 1984 is a Sequel and Doesn’t Reboot Anything From the First Film

Ever since the Wonder Woman sequel was revealed to be set in 1984, fans have hatched elaborate conspiracy theories that the movie would reboot or retcon the original movie due to Diana’s comments in previous movies that she was in hiding from humanity for years. But it turns out that won’t be the case as the movie doesn’t reboot anything from the first movie.

Total Film posted a new image from the movie (it’d be pretty awesome if that Middle Eastern location was Kahndaq to setup Black Adam), and they have a preview of their interview with Patty Jenkins where she says:

“There was a little period of time where people got very upset, and questioning: ‘Is it not a sequel? Is it a total reboot?’ It is a sequel, insofar as nothing is contradicted between the two movies. But it’s very important to me that it’s not more of the first movie. It’s a totally different movie. Now, when you see the trailer, you can feel it.

“It’s a different tone, look, feel, world, and context. That was what important to me. This is its own standalone story that, of course, is also a continuation of our characters and their linear line. It’s just its own movie with its own very different feel.”

So it doesn’t seem like Wonder Woman 1984 will be rebooting anything just yet. The Flash movie? Which may be based on Flashpoint? Now, that could be a reboot. We’ll just have to wait and see…