Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Birds of Prey Poised to Make Back Its Production Budget Opening Weekend

One thing DC and Marvel movies have in common is when they produce a female-led superhero movie, it brings out the stupid on the Internet. Much like with Captain Marvel last year, those who make up complete bullshit on their websites to get readers angry or yell angry things into their mom’s webcam on YouTube have been claiming that Birds of Prey would bomb and no one would go see it because the characters weren’t all men.

Much like Marvel’s billion-dollar hit last March, Warner’s R-rated superhero movie that just happens to feature a cast of women is poised to not only do well in theaters for an R-rated film; it’s set to recoup its entire production budget in its first weekend.

Deadline has reported that Birds of Prey is tracking for a worldwide opening weekend of $110-$125 million. The budget on the movie was a modest $97.1 million. Given the reactions from people who have actually seen the movie are pretty positive, that will probably translate into good word of mouth; meaning the movie should have decent legs to even make more money and end up being profitable after all of the marketing costs are accounted for.

Which means that not only will Birds of Prey not bomb, it’ll be enough of a success that we’ll see more movies with these characters in the future.

We take you now to a live reaction to those upset by this news: