Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Clearing Up the Confusion About Bird of Prey Credit Scenes (Spoilers)

Last week fans in two cities saw early screenings of Birds of Prey, and they reported that they didn’t see any scenes during the credits. Now that more people have seen the movie, some false claims about credit scenes are still being spread around; confusing people about what they will (or will not) see when they sit through the credits.

There is a little gag in the credits, which was there in the fan screenings, but it’s not actually a “scene”. It’s not something that sets up The Suicide Squad, The Batman, or any future DC movie. Instead it’s a little joke in the Deadpool-style tone that the movie has.

It’s just Harley’s voice talking to the audience wondering why they were still there. She then says she’ll reveal who Batman used to f***, but then it cuts and you don’t hear the end of the joke. That’s it.

People teasing a “scene” at the end of the credits aren’t really being honest with you. It’s just a dialog joke you hear, and it was there during the fan screenings. There’s no scene with Batman, with Black Mask, or with Green Arrow like people on the internet are trying to claim.

With the movie already premiered, and there not being an actual scene added; it’s doubtful that there will be one in the wide release beyond the Harley dialog that’s already there.