Early Fan Screenings of Birds of Prey Featured No Credit Scenes

As it tends to happen whenever people start to see an anticipated superhero movie, multiple stories of various post-credit scenes appear on the internet; even if they’re just made up for attention by people using the knowledge of screenings to give legitimacy to their story.

That’s happening with Birds of Prey right now. Multiple stories of post-credit scenes involving Batman overlooking the character, or Black Mask meeting someone in prison, or Amanda Waller recruiting Harley for The Suicide Squad are making the rounds. And of course they’re originating from Reddit.

However, there were two fan screenings of Birds of Prey this week, and the people who really attended those screenings report there were no scenes in the credits. After the animated credits there’s not a mid-credit scene, and the only other thing is apparently a line by Harley that’s heard as the credits finish.

It’s always possible there would be post-credit scenes added to the wider release, as sometimes they keep them off these fan screenings to preserve the surprise, but reports you’re seeing of multiple credit scenes from the fan screenings appear to be bogus based on confirmed attendees’ reports.