Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Colin Farrell Talks About His Role as The Penguin in The Batman

This morning Colin Farrell was on the Ellen Show, and he revealed some things about his upcoming role as The Penguin in The Batman, and some of them debunked some recent stories online:

  • That photo of him with white hair and coffee was not from The Batman. He dyed his hair to celebrate finishing a different project, which means The Penguin probably won’t have white hair in the movie and that set photo people are spreading of “The Penguin” isn’t him.
  • He says he doesn’t start filming on The Batman for about two weeks.
  • He also referred to the character as “Oz”, just as Matt Reeves did. The Penguin isn’t really called “Oz” in the comics, but he was in the Telltale Batman game. It’s possible that’s the take on The Penguin we’ll see in the movie.

You can see his appearance on the show here.