Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

With His SAG Win, the Odds Are in Joaquin Phoenix’s Favor For an Oscar

Last night Joaquin Phoenix won the Screen Actors’ Guild Award for Best Actor for Joker, and now the odds definitely are in his favor for him to at last win an Oscar.

The Hollywood Reporter ran an article about what the recent awards ceremonies could mean when predicting the Oscars, and they point out how good Joaquin’s odds are:

Joker‘s Joaquin Phoenix won for best actor. (Only five of the 25 prior winners of the best actor SAG Award did not go on to win the best actor Oscar; one was nominated and won in the best supporting actor category, and three others already had Oscars at home, unlike Phoenix.)

Obviously it’s normally foolish to try to predict the Oscars based on the awards shows that precede it, but as THR points out; it’d be extremely strange if he doesn’t end the night with the Best Actor award based on the sheer numbers of SAG Award winners who went on to repeat at the Academy Awards.