Karen Gillan Would Like to be Batgirl (and Direct it)

There hasn’t been much word on the Batgirl movie that WB has been developing for a while, and we’ve been hearing that Oracle is set to appear in Titans in the future, but people still want to see Barbara Gordon on the big screen; especially since we’re getting one future Batgirl in Birds of Prey next month.

One of those people is Karen Gillan, who when talking with Omelete in Brazil to promote the Jumanji sequel, was asked what comic character she’d like to play and she said, “Batgirl would be pretty cool.” Then she was asked if she’d like to direct a comic book film and of course Barbara came up again, “Batgirl would be pretty cool for that as well. My favorite films in that world are dark, and my favorite one is Dark Knight. I just love the way that was directed so much so I would love to work in that kind of world as the director.”

If they end up making the Barbara Gordon Batgirl movie that we haven’t heard anything about in a long time, Karen Gillan would actually be a great pick for the title character. Hopefully WB sees her interview and keeps her in mind for the role.